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Bordering the golden sands of Coppet Hall beach, Coast is a haven between land and sea, floating against its tree line.  Reflecting the curve of the beach and the rolling waves it overlooks, the restaurant is a bold statement of modern architecture, complementing its irresistible natural setting. Undeniably, it sets the tone for everything that happens inside.

The restaurant is a place to stir your senses as you relax and embrace the Coast experience.  Here the freshest ingredients are thoughtfully crafted and paired with curated wines and breathtaking coastal views.  You will want to return time and time again.

Fresh & Local

Our Ingredients

Influenced by our beautiful coastline and surrounding countryside, Head Chef Fred Clapperton has created a menu which includes ingredients from land and sea.


Our management team

Head Chef Fred Clapperton

Fred originally had ambitions to become an architect, but as a naturally creative soul, he was instead drawn to the world of hospitality. Fred has worked at several key establishments throughout his career, most notably as Head Chef at Drakes, and its rebranding to The Clock House, where he earned his first Michelin Star. He joined Coast in early 2020, and has taken Coast on an exciting journey since then, including a full interior refurbishment.

Fred Clapperton colour