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About us

Seren Management Services

Seren offers independent hotel and restaurant management and consultancy services across Wales. Inspired by our homeland, we’re proud to own venues which are widely acclaimed for their quality in some of the most beautiful parts of the country.

We have an enviable reputation for delivering consistent growth to reach the highest hospitality management standards in the UK. We believe that our experience and expertise in the luxury hotel and restaurant sector sets us apart.

We are now seeking partners who share our passion for exceptional hospitality and want to build an exciting future together.

We believe that every venue has its own unique contribution to make to the local visitor economy and we would like to help you achieve your aspirations that are bespoke to your project or venue

Our team

Our team share a genuine passion for all that is great about hospitality. They are all exceptional professionals who have a world-class pedigree.

What makes Seren different is that we have an exciting mix of diverse sector and functional expertise. Our breadth of skills and experience drives true thought leadership, meaningful change and innovation. We pride ourselves on bringing new ideas and ways of working that challenge status quo thinking.

Our expertise Our expertise encompasses a broad range of specialisms.

Strategy development and planning
Capital investment and projects
Branding and concept development
Marketing and communications
Sales and revenue management
Food and beverage management
Business development
Financial management
Purchasing and stock control
People and culture
Talent management and recruitment
Training and development

Our services

Venue management 

We offer long term strategic leadership and management services to run high quality hospitality assets.


We offer professional advice on all aspects of hotel and restaurant management.

Our approach

The cornerstones of our approach are designed to deliver your ambition, inspired by your venue and its place in the local visitor economy. We respect that every hotel is unique and our approach is holistic to ensure we fully realise your potential.

Seren cornerstones


Robust strategy and objectives

We deliver robust thoughtful venue strategies and management objectives that are properly aligned to the property, balancing the commercial needs of the owners and investors.


Hitting the numbers

Our teams understand their responsibilities to deliver our targets and key quality metrics. We design and maintain robust reporting, control and governance frameworks to ensure that we constantly monitor performance and delivery.


Creators of excellence

We know what great looks like and our leaders walk the talk. We are genuinely committed to ensuring that guests have the best possible experience. Our focus is on getting the details right and showcasing warm, Welsh hospitality at every interaction through truly personal customer service.


Realising potential

We attract, retain and develop quality hospitality leaders and staff. Our teams are empowered to make the little decisions that help create the bigger impression. Everything is aligned to develop our teams in the right way so that they love their job and feel valued. Our teams embrace change and making things better.


Doing the right thing

We put social responsibility at the heart of our approach. We’ll ensure your venue meets its responsibilities in terms of operating in a way that minimises its footprint whilst proactively contributing to the local community and visitor economy.


Making the future happen

We have a proven record at Seren of making the future happen. Everything we do is framed to ensure the longer term strategic aims of the venue are delivered.


If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch with us today.