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Our Promise

We’re committed to delivering truly memorable experiences and creating the most inspiring destinations for our guests to enjoy time and again. We champion building meaningful connections with our guests, to ensure they arrive at our venues full of excited anticipation and leave with everlasting memories.

Our teams are focused on delivering friendly world-class service, creating luxurious and inspiring spaces, and cooking the most delicious sustainably-sourced dishes.

Commitment to excellence

Our guests are as unique and individual as the venues they visit, and while we’re committed to giving them the best experience, our goal is to do so sensitively and with purpose.

We focus on getting the details right and showcasing warm, Welsh hospitality at every interaction, helping us build intimate connections with our guests through truly personal customer service.

Our teams are empowered to make the little decisions that help create the bigger impression. Their insight is crucial and the value of their ideas is immeasurable – everyone plays a part in helping us define the experiences we deliver, and everyone loves making things better.

Independently Spirited

We’re a business, plain and simple, driven by ambition and a fiercely independent entrepreneurial spirit. Our independent status often sees us compared with big multinational hospitality companies whose investment support far dwarfs that of our own. We fund our own projects, pour profits back into the business, have an ever-evolving commercial plan and a development and ideas list as long as our arm. Our venues stretch for the stars and this inspires out teams to want to do more, and be better. At Seren there’s never a dull moment and we work together to make the future happen.


Realising our Potential

Realising our potential shapes how we run all our venues and how we think about every individual. Without the dedicated contributions of our team members, our businesses wouldn’t thrive. Our goal is to properly align the training and development of our people to positively grow their careers and the contribution they make to our ongoing success.

Our businesses and teams are collectively and individually successful. We actively support our teams’ efforts to enter industry competitions, as they push themselves out of their comfort zones to challenge themselves and develop.

We’re also unequivocally focused on building a better life for our team members, through excellent remuneration packages and through ensuring a happy and fair work-life balance.

We choose our managers carefully, whether through internal promotion or external recruitment, to ensure they share a genuine interest in people, helping to cultivate a truly caring environment within our teams.

Committed to our communities

Our venues are deeply rooted in their locality and have been long-time supporters of their communities. We take our promise to be a responsible business and key local employer very seriously, and are committed to promoting our regions as wonderful visitor destinations while supporting homegrown talent and activities. We celebrate our cultural heritage and the inspiring work of other local businesses, and those throughout Wales, and are excited to work with responsible partners who share our values and integrity.

We’re taking positive action to inspire the next generation of hospitality workers and have forged strong partnerships with local colleges and universities. Our teams also support local school engagement through competitions including the “Tasty Challenge,” which is now part of the curriculum in many schools across South West Wales.

Our chosen charity partner is the Ty Hafan hospice, which supports life-limited children, young people, and their families in Wales. 50p from every bottle of water sold across our venues goes directly to Ty Hafan, and we also host regular fundraising events, like our collaborative “Four Chefs Night,” across our venues. Through community and charity work we can all make a powerful difference for the future.

Sustainable Hospitality

Seren is a champion of sustainable hospitality. We’re incredibly passionate about a greener lifestyle and organically growing our business in the right way to ensure a sustainable future. We understand the importance of the traceability of ingredients in our kitchens and always try to make sure our produce comes from sustainable sources. Our chefs are also genuinely committed to using local food wherever possible and they’re passionate about forming links with the best food producers across Wales – including many farmers, fishermen, butchers, artisan food producers, and other suppliers within a 50-mile radius of each venue.
Grove in particular has a very detailed Green action plan, which you can read more about via the link below.