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Seren staff

Beach House

Christie Restaurant Manager

Having lived on the west coast of Ireland for three years, I was convinced my next move would take me back to London to be closer to my family and enjoy city life again. However, when I interviewed for Beach House, I instantly fell in love with the restaurant, the scenery, the community and the people.



Georgia Restaurant Manager

The area of Dolgellau is a perfect place to live. We have plenty of options to unwind and relax making it a lovely area to achieve a work-life balance. There are plenty of mountains, beaches, and outdoor activities nearby with the nicest views.



Oliver Group Human Resources Manager

When I first moved to Pembrokeshire from Buckinghamshire, my friends questioned if this was the best move. However, when they now come to visit, explore this area and see incredible local sights (like seals, otters, dolphins) and hear me talk about the great owners I work for, and colleagues I work alongside, they now can’t believe how  lucky I am!

My fiancé and I are currently buying our first house and I’m looking forward to continuing our journey here in beautiful Pembrokeshire as we look to grow a family in the future.

Karen Weisheit

Grove of Narberth

Karen Hotel Manager

I moved to Pembrokeshire with my partner 5 ½ years ago and we have found our home here. Working for Neil & Zoe has provided us with a fulfilled lifestyle that enables us to do the things we love.

We walk most weeks exploring the Pembrokeshire National Park, I sea swim around the year with friends and colleagues and have found the time for regular yoga practise.


Grove of Narberth

Alexios Director of Wine

For me living in Pembrokeshire hits a perfect balance between nature, people and history, where there are little discoveries to be made every day.

Also, having grown next to the sea in Greece, to be able to visit the beautiful Pembrokeshire coasts during the seasons is a real joy and privilege!

Seren staff

Grove of Narberth

Vicky Reception Supervisor

After moving to Pembrokeshire 10 years ago, I found my home.  Countryside, close to the sea, a sense of community at work and in everyday life.  The 4-day week at work has helped with work life balance, meaning I can still be a Scout leader and explore the Pembrokeshire coastline on foot or by sea in my spare time.

Grove is a welcoming environment, with personal development, training, where you can achieve your goals and management believes in you to excel.